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Kirk Lum, M.D.

BC/BE Psychiatrist
Medication Management
My Approach

While I consider myself a psychopharmacologist, I'm very conscious of the both the power and limitations of medications.  They are not a cure but can be an important piece of the puzzle in finding the right treatment for many individuals who suffer from mental health symptoms.  I believe it is important to hear each person's story and to try to take the whole person, their habits, and their current situation into account when determining treatment.  Treatment should focus on wellness and making healthy lifestyle and life choices in addition to biological and neurological interventions.

Getting Help

To inquire about availability of services, please click here.

If you are looking for a psychotherapist, I suggest using the Psychology Today therapist finder:

In an emergency, or if you are not feeling safe, please call 911 or

the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:


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